Workshops Offered

Relationship Roadmap
  • This is a two-day basic skills workshop that introduces a full set of tools and skills to build intimacy for communication, problem solving, and healing relationship wounds.
    • This is a fun interactive workshop where you can learn and practice hands on skills for relationship building.

If You Really Loved Me
  • This one-day workshop is often scheduled to follow the two day Relationship Roadmap workshop. It addresses the faulty assumptions and painful misunderstandings that arise in intimate relationships and teaches about Love Knots and how they can be untangled and untied by the couple.

Christian PAIRS
    This program is designed to be taught over ten 2 ½ hour sessions or a three-day weekend. This course brings together intimate relationship skills and Christian theology and spirituality. This program integrates a rich weave of biblical profundity and practical skills.

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