A Televisual Representation of Roman Catholic Priests: Father Ted

Appendix Four

Father Ted Audience Viewing Members

The following is a list of the main respondents in the audience viewing sessions. The following data is provided simply to provide some background to the labels applied in Chapter Four.

A1 Filipino priest 38 Graduate student
B1 Filipino priest 37 Graduate Student
B2 British seminarian 42 Graduate Student
B3 Austrian seminarian 29 Graduate Student
C1 British priest 51 University teacher
D1 American priest 37 Graduate Student
G1 British priest 62 University teacher
G2 German priest 35 Graduate Student
I1 British seminarian 40 Graduate Student
J1 British priest 51 University teacher
J2 American priest 37 Graduate Student
J3 British seminarian 34 Graduate Student
J4 Indian seminarian 33 Graduate Student
M1 British priest 50 Graduate Student
M2 Indian priest 59 Parish priest/writer
P1 British priest 40 University teacher
R1 Filipino priest 41 Graduate Student
R2 British priest 71 University teacher
S1 British priest 31 Graduate Student
S2 Irish priest mids 40's Parish priest
W1 German seminarian 31 Graduate Student

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