The Man Who Was Fr. Ted -- Dermot Morgan

Dermot Morgan as Fr. Ted

For many, many people Dermot Morgan was Fr. Ted. Morgan may not have liked that association as much as others did, but it was true. The death of Morgan just after midnight on Sunday morning, March 1, 1998, truly signals the end of Fr. Ted, the television programme. But as long as we have our memories Dermot Morgan and Fr. Ted will live on in our hearts. Morgan is now with the God he was so troubled by. May he rest in peace. God Bless Dermot, please pray for us left behind.

Steve Baird, SJ

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The following are links to pages of various stories about the death of Dermot Morgan and tributes paid to him. We're considering a tribute page, so if you have any comments please use the form below. Thanks and enjoy the memories of Dermot Morgan.

For more on the sitcom Father Ted please see
Fr. Steve's dissertation.

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